Michael Lynn Animation Studio specializes in creating engaging animated videos for businesses in tech, healthcare, fintech, education, training, and marketing industries as well as for nonprofits and animated children’s programming. Our team has decades of experience in animation and video production, as well as a strong track record of delivering engaging and effective videos for our clients.

No matter what type of video you need, we’ve got you covered! Every animation we do is customized to you and tailored to your specific needs and goals. We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that your vision is brought to life in a vivid final product.

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ServicesWhat do clients typically use animation for?


2d Animated Videos

Explainer Videos

These walk the viewer through how or why to use a product or service. They can serve as a virtual ambassador or easy to digest FAQ for your brand or business. They can also get information across that can be difficult to explain with words alone. They can be used in a platform such as YouTube, placed on your website, embedded into emails, and more.

Whiteboard Animation

These use a virtual dry-erase board to illustrate complex ideas simply and in a way that is easy to understand. These are typically used for marketing and for educational content to grab attention and keep viewers engaged. The videos usually involve quick line drawings and a voice over narration.

Social Media Ads

These are typically shorter animated videos (10 to 15 - or even 30 - seconds). We offer bundles of 2 minutes or more.

E-Learning Content

This is long-form content (usually 1-hour plus) for e-learning. The animation for this is the least complex.

Children's Content

Animated children’s programming - 2-dimensional animated characters with storyline. These are on par with shows you would watch on TV or streaming platforms. See our Animated Series Page [make this a hyperlink] for more information and examples.

Custom Videos

If you have a specific idea in mind outside of these standard categories, we can work with you to create a custom solution.

We offer a wide range of options - from simple animations with few color elements to professional production quality 2-D animated videos.

These range in price from $2K - $6K per minute - according to the quality you need.

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3d animation icon

3d Animated Videos

These involve creation of a three-dimensional object inside of simulated software - typically for products and services that need 3-D modeling. Industries that rely on these include medical devices, manufacturing, and engineering.

These videos typically require an investment of $6K - $9K per minute.


  • Promotional Videos

  • Social Media Channels

  • E-mail Marketing

  • Online or Television Advertising

  • Landing Pages and Website Content

  • Sales Demos

  • Brand Videos

  • Animated Infographics

  • Presentations, Events, and Trade Shows

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Our Guarantee

High-quality animations that meet industry standards, reviewed by our quality assurance team.

Entry Level - Animation

Explainer Videos

$2k Per Minute

Some Color Elements

Whiteboard Videos

Social Media Ads

E-Learning Content

Videos for Your Website or Email Campaigns

$2k Per Minute

Whiteboard Style

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Coming Soon!

Entry Level with Extra Gusto! $3k Per Minute

Enhance your video with custom illustrations and unique backgrounds

Nice balance of quality and cost-savings

Professional, Quality 2d Animation

Explainer Videos

Whiteboard Videos

Social Media Ads

E-Learning Content

Children's Content

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$6k Per Minute

Professional 2d Animation Level

Full Color

Character Animation

Best Quality for the Most Accessible Price

Our Very Best $9k Per Minute

Children's Content as seen on tv.

On par with any 2d content you might see online or on tv.

  • As seen on tv

  • Highest quality 2d animation

  • Rich, variety of custom characters

  • Best quality 2d characters

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3d Animated Video

Mostly for products and services that need 3d modeling

$6-9k Per Minute

3d animated video

3d prototypes

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Coming Soon!